Beats and Vibes 001 :: Gamache :: Beatport

1 year ago

Beats 001

So anyone interested in a dropbox share folder?

//Smooth funky remix of a track by Digitalism

//This one, from Detroit producer, Magda. Techno with nice vocals

//Reminds me a little of this new song by Tiga, Plush

//Great discovery of 2013, Matt Walsh, with his Clouded Experiment. Tasty Acid House

// I like this song but only from the middle when it kicks in

#house #techno #edm #gamache

First Post

Yeah so I’m Gamache, local DJ from Montreal and I tought I’d share with you some music that I find in my searches. I’m also thinking of setting a dropbox so we can share our music between DJs and Electronic Music lovers!